PANETA is completely benevolence organization which works with volunteers from all over the world.

We work with volunteer in the following areas:

PANETA field research focuses on scrupulous investigation to discover new facts which are not yet been discovered, we offer our full distinct potential to the volunteers researchers to be able to obtain useful both primary and secondary data.

Depending on the areas of interest of the volunteer PANETA will assist  to link an individual to the respective areas either community, schools children’s, hospitals, and it will be there to clear all the government logistics and to make sure volunteer Meets his/her objectives.

We are the experts in hosting volunteers, with enough experiences; we try our best to make a comfortable environment during your stay with PANETA here in Tanzania. We have our house located in the rural areas, we offer it for free tor our visitors so as to ensure comfortable accommodations while you are here in Tanzania, option such as renting in town houses and lodges are also available Paneta will also assist you with that.

In the education areas, PANETA we link teachers with teaching schools and facilities to meet their objectives.

Individual with the interest of working with the communities in the sanitation areas, PANETA conduct a project named Tanzania rural proper sanitation, which focuses on building pit latrines to the rural communities, this going hand in hand with the man power from PANETA which participate physically during constructions. In this area volunteer may either want to volunteer his/her efforts or demand to be involved in supervisions.

University students who want to work with the rural communities in health areas, abroad students who want to conduct research in health centers and communities and students who wants to do their internship PANETA It is the right platform.

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