Lack of hygiene education and proper toilets are big problems within rural communities in Tanzania. This project aims to construct and install communal ventilated pit latrines and provide hygiene education to the targeted communities. PANETA hopes to reduce diarrhea related illnesses by 25-50%. Making sanitation accessible is not only critical to saving lives but also critical to saving time and money that victims spend while trying to recover from such illnesses.


PANETA proposes to construct 100 toilets that will serve over 5,000 people for over 50 years. The targeted rural communities have no access to proper toilets. People defecate behind their homes, where by domestic animals such as dogs, ducks, and fowls feed on the defecation and then they drink in the same water as the families. The provision of these toilets and hygiene education to all the communities receiving the help of PANETA can majorly reduce diarrhea related illnesses.