Over time, there has been some progress in the sector in Tanzania; however, rural communities continue to lag behind urban communities in terms of maternal, newborn, and child health care. There was a 47% reduction of MMR between 1990 and 2012—870 to 232 deaths per 100,000 live births—but Tanzania did not make sufficient progress to attain it’s MDG of reducing MMR to 193 per 100,000 live births.

There is a comprehensive infrastructure of health care delivery in Tanzania but it is faced with enormous challenges in the operation field. Health care facilities in rural areas are generally less functional due to staff absenteeism, poor health provider skills, and inadequate basic supplies and equipment. Lack of good governance, allocation of insufficient resources, limited capacity of health managers, vertical programs with minimal integration, and suboptimal monitoring and supervision are some of the key underlying factors of the lacking performance.


The Maternal Delivery Kit Project (MDKP) will aim to improve the coverage and quality of basic supplies and equipment of maternal delivery kits in rural communities of Tanzania.

Specific Objectives of the Safe Delivery Kills Mortality:

  • To provide information to women, men and communities on the importance of delivering under a clean environment
  • To build capacity amongst community leaders to be able to mobilize on clean and safe delivery
  • To improve maternity health care by reducing the maternal and neonatal mortality rate
  • To reduce risk factors that lead to labor and delivery complications
  • To create a conducive environment for safe delivery
  • To improve access and availability of maternal delivery kits to communities in the project area
  • To improve maternal health care behavior and practices of communities in the target area
  • Project will also go hand in hand with the provisions of the reproductive health educations.

Composition of Maternal Delivery Kits

  • Cotton wool 500g
  • Cut gut 1 piece
  • Dettol solution 50ml
  • Macintosh 1m
  • Spirit 100mls
  • Pitocin—oxytocin injection 1u/m
  • Surgical gloves, 4 pairs
  • Surgical blade, 1 piece
  • Cord clamp
  • Catheter
  • Maternal pads
  • Baby cloth