The general objective of Nipime Nijikinge is to reduce the incurring health issues in the community and to enhance ambulatory care services for families to reach.

Specific Objectives

  • To address reproductive health to adolescent by providing appropriate services and counseling
  • To organize regular immunization camps for children under the age of five and pregnant women
  • To provide medicine and nutritious food to help reduce malnourishment among children and women
  • To adopt an integrated approach of contraception issues, maternal health issues, and to help insure good health status
  • To build the knowledge and awareness among sexually active couples to have sexual relations free of the fear of pregnancy and contracting diseases
  • To promote reproductive and child health services
  • The narrow the gender gap and enhance the decisive role of women for social development
  • To train health attendants and health workers in and around the targeted location on reproductive and child health
  • To empower the women in target areas by helping to develop women’s skills and livelihood options through entrepreneurship (income generated trainings)
  • To help improve the survival of new born babies by ensuring adequate care and to help ensure that the life of the mother and baby are not endangered
  • To emphasize breastfeeding education and support services with can simultaneously contribute to birth spacing, better maternal and child health, and a decrease in child death