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Appreciations to PANETA team

We give much thanks to our team, friends, and followers for their genuine support to PANETA in 2019. PANETA is aspired to do more great things to the underprivileged rural communities of Tanzania in 2020. As we are in the end of the year 2019, PANETA is wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Nipime nijikinge project in losimingori ward

As a continuation of the Nipime Nijikinge project of PANETA,

This time at munduli district, lepurko Ward, losimingiro village, more than 800 people benefited the free medical checkups on Diabetes, eye problems, and other related non communicable diseases and there was a supply of eyes medication and supply of free glasses to those diagnosed with short sightedness , far sightedness and eye cataract.

This project was done under PANETA in collaboration with the Vijana Assembly and the lion Club of Dar Es salaam


PANETA One year Anniversary

As celebration toward making one year old as organization (PANETA),

We have conducted several activities including supplying of hampers to the old women’s who are in need in northern regions of Tanzania, specifically women’s who deals with making of concrete around Majengo areas in Arusha,

Also this activities going hand by hand with the encouragements and giving of health education to these people as a means of counteracting the side effect of this activity.

Stayed tuned for many more projects and outreaches conducted under PANETA.


Tanzania Rural Health Summit

PANETA is planing to organize the first Tanzania Rural Health Summit in September 2019 with the aim of promoting universal health coverage among the rural populations in Tanzania.

The summit will also focus on identifying and honoring the outstanding contributions from primary health providers among the rural health facilities within Tanzania. The Tanzania Rural Health Awards will be presented.

Stay focused, be part of this.






Launching of “Better world for Better health” project

This week PANETA launched a new project called “Better world for Better health” with the focus of empowering the future millennium.

One of PANETA’s co-founders and other team members set out 60km off from the tarmac road to a school called Naalarami Primary school– located in the Monduli district of Northern Tanzania. Our team members educated the students (aka the future millennium) on the importance of protecting the environment. PANETA provided trees to plant, along with the education of how to take care of the trees in the climate area.

Check out the pictures below to see our team and the ‘future millennium’ at work!

Visit our website to find out more about our new project “Better world for Better health”


VTT preparation in Siha Kilimanjaro

PANETA Director General Lecton Moris, with the Edonyo Morwak ward leaders in Siha District Kilimanjaro soon after the community assessment need meeting for the VTT project expected to take place in the mentioned area in partnership with other international Organizations.

The project aims at training the local midwives and other community members on primary health care procedures but more on pregnancy and pediatric health care along with provisions of free maternal delivery kits and basic health screening on NCDs.

#SDG 3.1.2




Feedback of Mkuranga Project

Thanks to PANETA and its dedicated volunteers, two women from the Mkuranga outreach in January have delivered their precious bundles of joy— might I add, they delivered safely with clean equipment because of our maternal delivery kits.

Don’t forget we have another Safe Delivery Kills Mortality outreach this May. Our goal is provide 100 kits. We need your help! Join us at the link below.


PANETA is now accepting applications for Regional Ambassadors!

PANETA is now accepting applications for Regional Ambassadors!

Are you interested in joining the PANETA team? PANETA is searching for dedicated and motivated individuals to join our team by becoming a PANETA Regional Ambassador.

Are you motivated to change the rural health care system in Tanzania? Are you a dedicated individual that is confident in working individually and on a team? We want to hear from you!

Please visit our website at to access the online application.

We hope to hear from you soon!

The PANETA team


UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Action Awards

Attention PANETA friends and community: We need your participation!

Paneta has recently applied for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Action Awards. We have submitted our “Safe Delivery Kills Mortality” initiative. Can you take 5 minutes to do four things for us?….

1) Click on the link below to read our submission and initiative

2) Leave feedback/comments in the comment section at the bottom of the submission

3) If you would recommend for us to win the Award, click “recommend” in the comments section

4) Please share our submission with you other social media communities and ask them to do the same!

Thanks for your participation!




Safe delivery kills mortality in mkuranga

On Saturday, January 26th, PANETA launched the “Safe Delivery Kills Mortality” project in Mkuranga District in the Pwani Region. PANETA provided antenatal education to a big group of pregnant women. We also delivered safe maternal delivery kits to the pregnant women from low economic class families.

PANETA believes that through the delivery of education and equipped delivery kits– maternal and neonatal mortality will become history in our underprivileged rural communities of Tanzania. Our target is to reach 1000 pregnant women all across Tanzania.

In June of this year we will be directing another outreach in another area of Tanzania. Please keep watching for our updates on how to support us in that project!

Please contact us via and check out our website at





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