Peri-Urban Ambulatory Nexus Tanzania (PANETA) is a non-governmental organization registered in Tanzania under the Non-governmental Act, 2002. PANETA was registered on the 25th of September 2018. PANETA’s vision is to be a leading voice for the health and wellness of rural communities in Tanzania. PANETA plans to see this vision played out by rectifying the factors that deteriorate the health status in peri-urban areas. PANETA will provide health education, health screenings, workshops, and different projects.
PANETA has been striving for sustainable healthcare development of communities through various ambulatory care projects including, sustainable livelihood, water supply and sanitation, environmental sustainability, health education, and emergency relief. PANETA’s life changing initiatives not only support beneficiaries, but also contribute towards Tanzania’s national plan of action for the most vulnerable children and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Our Mission

To rectify the factors that deteriorates the health status in Peri-urban areas. PANETA will provide health education, health screenings, workshops, and different projects.

Our Vision

To be the leading voice of rural health and wellness of rural communities in Tanzania.

Our Core Values

PANETA believes that, the civil society plays a vital role in reducing the challenges within communities, complementary to the roles that are played by government systems and private sectors including, helping to gain voice in voiceless groups, providing services and humanitarian assistance, promoting awareness, and understanding of health-related policies, and campaigning  nationally  and internationally for policy change.

Management Information

PANETA consists of a board of directors and a management staff. The board compromises of members with high experience and reputable characters. The board of directors is the decision making body of PANETA. The board reviews and approves the organizational policies, oversees financial management, and is responsible for staff recruitment. The management staff is headed by PANETA’s national direction, along with senior and junior staff. The management is responsible for the daily operations of the organization.

Our Objectives

  • Promotion of rural health services in rural areas by providing health education to the indigenous of the rural communities
  • To facilitate improvement of health infrastructures, including, the facilities available and the maintenance of the infrastructures in rural areas
  • To increase the sense of awareness on preventative health, which could lower the burden of disease treatment cost in rural communities
  • To be a strong platform so that the rural health voice is heard
  • To be a channel in which various global health strategies can help reach the marginalized rural communities and
  • To rectify the factors that deteriorate environmental health through effective sanitation of remote rural areas